Monday, August 28, 2006

Nothing disabled about Ras Adiba

The Star, 27 ogos 2006


KUALA LUMPUR: “We are like diamonds waiting to be polished”. This is how ex-newscaster Ras Adiba Radzi describes the disabled community.

Ras Adiba, who became paraplegic after an accident in 2002, pulled herself together and strived to succeed again in the media world where she produced and did voice recording for both television and radio.

The high-spirited Ras Adiba has also got involved in theatre. Last night, she showcased her talent in the play Merdeka di Mataku (Freedom to My Eyes) which combines poetry and dance movements.

In the play, which will run again tonight at the KL Performing Arts Centre, Ras Adiba plays a physically challenged person who uses her upper torso to “dance” on the stage floor.

“The play is to show what the disabled community have achieved so far. What an able community can do, we can do too. And we demand respect and equal treatment just like anyone else,” she said.

I DANCE, TOO: Ras Adiba showing her seated style of dancing which she will employ in the play tonight at the KL Performing Arts Centre.

Ras Adiba said the performance portrayed her in different phases of her life - sharing her journey, struggles, loves and hopes in life.

“Although physically challenged, I want to show the public that we, the disabled community can also sing, dance and do artistic performances,” she added.

“It's nice if people can give us the same respect and opportunities as normal people. We do not want to be pitied but to be given equal chances in life.

“I believe God has a reason for everything that happens to each and everyone of us.

“The disabled community is always very gung-ho about trying new things. We want to do new things, be out there and be recognised. Let us grow as it will only turn us into better human beings. We just need the people to recognise and give us a chance.”

She described Malaysians as a curious but caring lot.

“I believe if there is more awareness and understanding about the disabled community, then the world will be a much brighter and happier place.”

Tickets for the performance are priced at RM30 and RM15 (students, the disabled, and senior citizens). For more information, visit

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