Sunday, June 18, 2006

A self help organisation of the Deaf for the Deaf

Malaysian Federation Of the Deaf


The Malaysian Federation of the Deaf is a self help National Coordinating Body of all Deaf organisations in Malaysia serving the Deaf for all age groups, regardless of religion, race or ethnic.

The Federation's role is to represent the affiliate members with full mandate and be the voice of Deaf people in dealing with government and other relevant agencies on issues affecting the deaf citizen in Malaysia, in the development of communication accessibility by developing the Malaysian Sign Language, establishing the sign language interpreting service, in coordinating Grassroots Development Program, networking, resources and fundraising.

MFD is administered by a team of Deaf management with integration of hearing officers and advisors that gives opportunity to the Deaf to be self-relevant.


• To improve the quality of the life of Deaf people in Malaysia

• To promote the unification of state associations, other organizations of and for Deaf people at both district and state levels.

• To promote the creation and development of state organizations of Deaf people and organizations providing services to Deaf people where such organizations do not exist.

• To organize and stimulate the exchange of information and experiences among organizations of and professionals specializing in the study of deafness.

• To provide technical aid and expert advice, either directly or indirectly, as necessary, to organizations of and for the deaf upon request, after consultation with government involved.

• To disseminate scientific and legal materials about deafness and the current needs of Deaf people in publications and other media.

• To facilitate the efforts of Deaf people to make contributions to cultural enrichment in country.

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